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The distillation apparatus is used for the production of distillates made of various fermented fruits, or of wine. This apparatus has been designed in a new conception of a single block system, i.e. the distillation and rectification proceed in one boiler with an extension head. The extension head consists of a rectification part with strengthening plates, a distillation tube and a part with a copper connecting piece. This apparatus can produce a distillate of a very high quality, with an average alcohol contens of 60 to 70 percent a.a. by volume. The quality of the distillate can be influenced by putting individual plates in the rectification part out of operation and further by using the function of the distillation tube. In this way the alcoholic strengh and other flavour and aromatic properties can be regulated. Unlike the conventional double boiler system this apparatus has advantages in saving the thermal energy and cooling water, less requirements for space and lower acquisition costs.

The distillation apparatus has an up-to-date design, totally in stainless steel, the outside steel surface has a ground finish. The bottom part of the boiler, the inside parts of the distillation tube and the connecting piece are made of copper.

The transport of the fermented liquid into the distillation boiler is carried out by a vacuum pump through a receiving tank which is placed above the boiler. This receiver is equipped with a heating coil for the preheating of the fermented liquid by warm water from the distillation tube. According to the heating system, the distillation boiler can be delivered either for building into a walled furnace or thermally insulated boiler support with the furnace, suitable for a gas burner can be ordered. The distillation apparatus is equipped with a safety device against the tank overfilling and flooding of the vacuum pump as well as against a lock-up of the stirrer.

The total delivery consists of an engineering and technological project, the distillation apparatus and the installation. The engineering of the distillation apparatus corresponds and is in accord with the new alcohol act No. 61/97 Sb., and with the ordinances No. 140/97 and 141/97 Sb.

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Technical data of the still for fruit-growers of the volume of 150, 300, 600 litres / per one distillation:


 150 l

 300 l

 600 l

 Raw materiál – fruit  ferments or of wine

 150 l

 300 l

 600 l 

 Product – distilled beverages of spirit kontent of 60 - 65 % a.a.

 11 - 14 l

 22 - 28 l

 44 - 56 l

 Natural gas consumption

 6-8 m3

 13-15 m3

 25-28 m3

 Consumption of cooling water of 10 – 15 °C max.

 350 - 750 l

 500 - 1000 l

 750 - 1500 l

 Time of distillation

 1 - 2 hours

 2,5 - 3 hours

 4 - 6 hours

 Wastes: - Stillage

              - First + last runnings

              - Warm water

 137 l

 1 - 1,5 l

350 -750 l (max. 50 °C)

 275 l

 2 - 2,5 l

500 -1000 l (max. 50 °C)

 550 l

 3 - 3,5 l

 750 -1500 l (max. 50 °C)

 Minimum area

 4 x 4 m, h = 3,5 m

 4,5 x 4,5 m, h = 3,6 m

 4,5 x 4,5 m, h = 3,6 m

 Minimum assembly hole

 w=1100, h=1500 mm

 w=1300, h=1600 mm

 w=1700, h=1900 mm

 Mass of the heaviest part for assembly

 450 kg

 600 kg

 800 kg








One person operates the equipment.


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