In 1876 a young man under thirty, Josef Hradecký a qualified coppersmith trained in Vienna came to Pacov. Together with his brother Eduard they found this little town a suitable place for their business plans. On 8th September 1876 Josef Hradecký applies for a trade licence, to be able to manufacture boilers. With this he belongs to people who helped to lay foundations of the Czech industry.

At that time the number of agricultural distilleries grew and the factory of Josef Hradecký had lots of orders, not only in the region, but he became well-known in the whole Austrian-

Hungarian Empire. Coppersmith and boiler trade flourished at that time and the good financial results reflected in the social sphere of Josef Hradecký's employees. They got fully paid health insurance and the apprentices got pocket money. Another important factor helped the positive development - the regular industrial exhibitions which took place in Pacov from 1906.

In the twenties the town of Pacov was electrified which helped to increase the level of technologies and to improve the machinery.

Before WW II the factory employed 80 people. The products enjoyed good reputation and were able to compete both in the quality and the price. Between 1876 and 1936 the factory produced facilities for 376 distilleries. The good quality of the products can be proved by the fact that even today, machines with JHP trade mark can be found, and they are in operation!

The war and the forties brought a shortage of copper and non-ferrous metals. The factory manufactured mostly spare parts for SKODA Pilsen, heat exchangers, water heaters, etc.

After the war the original production range was restored. Unfortunately the generally known political development in the country brought the nationalization - expropriation of the factory in 1948.

A very sad event in the history of the factory is that the family Hradecký was moved from their house to a village of Leskovice and the owner of the factory was framed and sentenced to prison. After 1989 Ing. Josef Hradecký was rehabilitated in memoriam.

After the nationalization the factory went through many reorganizations. In 1957 a new factory in Nádražní Street was built which was integrated into the Strojobal Group.

In 1992, the descendants of the owner of the firm acquired back their dwelling, administration and production areas in restitution. It was necessary to invest a lot into the outworn and neglected buildings. On July 31, 1993, the descendants of the Hradecký family, together with other partners, renewed the tradition by the establishment of J. HRADECKÝ, spol. s r.o. and launched the manufacture of machines and equipment for spirit, food and pharmaceutical industries with the same logo: JHP. Empty workshops and offices had to be equipped gradually with machines, tools and furniture. The firm was successful and was employing seven permanent workers after one year of its restored operation. The production was specialized in the equipment made of stainless steel, copper and carbon steel, mostly for spirit industry.

In 1994, the firm gained the confidence of the Municipal Authority in Pacov and experienced craftsmen – coppersmiths – manufactured a new copper dome for the tower of the St. Michal’s church in Pacov.

On October 13, 1997, Mr. Dalibor Brázda, one of five founders of the renewed firm, purchased the ownership interests from the other partners on the proposal of the other partners and became the sole owner and director of the company.

In 1994 – 1998, the overwhelming part of the production capacity was engaged in the manufacture of spirit equipment nearly for all distilleries in the Czech Republic. The largest deliveries by volume were carried out for Grain Distillery in Kralupy, Distillery in Chrudim, ZEVAR Distillery in Větrný Jeníkov, Distillery in Křižanov, Distillery in Budeč, Distillery in Bojanov, Distillery in Markvarec, Distillery in Smíchov, Distillery in Kolín, etc.

In 1998, J. HRADECKÝ, spol. s r.o. delivered and put into operation the first single-body still with the rectification extension in the Czech Republic in Stonařov in the Jihlava region. This original, modern and economical solution started a new epoch of stills in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. Stills for fruit-growers became the bearing production schedule of the firm with more than one hundred successful implementations both inland and abroad in the next six years.

On Decemb
er 8, 2003, Mr. Dalibor Brázda, the author of the success of the renewed firm, died suddenly. With the aim to maintain the production and the job for the employees, Mrs. Květoslava Brázdová took charge of the firm management immediately. She became the owner and the director of the firm after the inheritance proceedings.

At present, the firm disposes of the team of experienced workers; the number of employees is maintained up to 25 persons. It breaks into new prospective branches as chemical production (oxy-celluloses, carbodiamides) and environmental protection (equipment for air waste washing). Large investment deliveries for Synthesia Semtín, “bio-ethanol distillery” of Agroethanol TTD a.s. Dobrovice – first in the Czech Republic, and “bio-ethanol distillery” of PLP a.s. Trmice are the pride of the firm in the past years. The firm prospers; it reached the record-breaking turnover amounting to approx. 32 million CZK in 2007, invests into new progressive production technologies – CNC folding brake of 200 tons, four-roll bending machine of metal sheets and cones, digital TIG welding machines, digital MIG splash-free welding machine, etc. The firm bought a new Renault Traffic delivery van for servicing and assembly and a DESTA field forklift stacker of the bearing capacity of 3.2 tons. New benefits have been introduced for the employees. The equipment of our company has been delivered by us or through various engineering and trading companies into the following countries of the world: Slovakia, Austria, FRG, Canada, USA, Luxemburg, Mongolia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Isle of Mauritius, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Island, Vietnam, Israel, Norway, Lithuania, Ethiopia, and Venezuela. The firm maintains its excellent reputation and it is the guarantee of quality, stability and respectability under advantageous conditions for its partners thanks to the tradition and the quantity of successfully carried out deliveries.

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